“Promoting a healthy attitude and awareness of Menarche; a young adolescent girl's first period.”

The OOOPS! Book, a primer for Menarche, a young girl's first period.
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The OOOPS! Book is a story based on “a day in the life of” eleven year old twins faced with a significant physical change – starting their period. Kenny and Taiwo (pronounced Tie-wo) deal with this challenge their own way and learn that it is actually a gift—an internal clock that each month reminds U to stop, reflect inwardly, and do something special just for U.

This simple story supports U through the emotional and social experience of starting your period and encourages U to accept it with pride. Most young females start their period between the ages of 9 and 14 years but some start earlier or later. Even if U have started your period this book will offer new insights.

Today, there are many books on the market that teach and remind women how to pamper and take care of their physical, emotional and spiritual self. However, we believe U are not too young to learn this now. In fact it is a good idea for U to understand how important this is in guaranteeing a healthier U today.