Ooops! Products: Designed to help young adolescent girls gain a healthy awareness of Menarche and the cycle of Menstruation.

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The OOOPS! Book: Learn about Menarche and Menstruation
The OOOPS! Book - It includes a Calendar, Stickers and a Journal

Use the OOOPS! stickers to keep track of your Menstruation cycle. OOOPS! STICKERS – Find them inside the OOOPS! Book and use them on the OOOPS! Calendar.

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The Pac 4 U keeps all of your Menstruation supplies in one easy to reach place. The Pac 4 U holds an extra pair of panties for when you're experiencing Menstruation.

The Pac For U - carrying case that holds personal care products (pads, tampons, wipes and an inside bag for underwear)


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A great OOOPS! deal for your introduction to Menarche and Menstruation.
A Package Deal For U ― It includes The OOOPS! Book plus a Pack For U


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